Rose Breeze

Rose Breeze
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Rose breeze is a cousin of Panineer Soda(rose water flavoured sweet soda). When we were school going kids,there was no coke or pepsi. It was just Plain soda or Panineer soda.Panineer soda was more dignified than the “Goli” soda which involved drinking your soda through a glass bottle with a glass marble. I don’t know if there is any market for the colourless panineer soda in this coke era.



Rose syrup 1 tsp
Ice cubes (optional)
Club soda/Carbonated water 250 ml
Sugar 1 tsp
Fresh cherries for garnishing


1.Add sugar,rose syrup and ice cubesĀ  to the serving glass.

2.Fill it with carbonated water or club soda.

3.Mix it well and serve immediately with fresh cherries.