Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee
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As a foodie, the most important things that I miss when I am away from my second home ‘Ontario’ are¬† halal eateries and of course the Tim Hortons.The double double regular medium coffee,iced cappuccino and iced coffee¬† are my all time favourites.To all those Tim Hortons Ice cap addicts, if you are away from Tim’s, try this recipe at home.



Preparation time 5 minutes
Serves 2


1.Hot water 4 oz
2.Instant coffee or Decaf 1 Tbsp or more
3.Sugar or Splenda 4 Tbsp
4.Ice cubes 10 No
5.15% cream or whole milk or low fat milk 1 cup


1.Mix first 3 ingredients together to make a mixture, pour into a blender.

2.Add ice cubes and blend until slushy. Add cream and blend until frothy.

3.Serve at once with a sprinkle of coffee powder.